Monday, April 7, 2008


Looking for a good tracking line or leash? Palomine Lines in Silver City, NM, will make one to your specifications. You and your dog will like the look and feel of these leads and lines. Palomine lines won't burn your hands or tangle the way cord lines do. A Palomine line is made using nylon webbing that is coated with pvc. Some would call it "pleather" or "faux leather." Unlike leather, however, these lines can be dragged through the mud and washed off with a garden hose. They don't require maintenance like leather lines; they are lightweight and simple in design, yet durable and reliable. The Italian bronze snaps are the same snaps used for sledding and mountain climbing. Palomine tracking lines are 40 feet long and come with a rivet placed at 20 feet. A tracker can feel when the 20 ft. mark goes through the hand. If you're working on VST, a rivet can be placed at 10 ft. Contact Palomine Lines at for pricing.